Video Game

Under Siege:

Here, you will find a video game project I am working on:

And here you’ll find the forum to talk about it:


So, what is it all about?

You start in a jail, in a city under siege, and have to work your way out of both. To do so, you will rely on the help of many characters, that might or might not join your party depending on your choices. You and the friends you will meet will be sharing a house, that will evolve depending on your choices. Your main character will get different armors that will change her looks. You will also be able to collect cards, and use them in a brand new card game inside the game. The difficulty for everything is set rather high, and will force you to think about your choices and strategic decisions both in battle and outside. Will you help the guards, protect the people, fight for the king, become a renowned criminal, or a rich entrepreneur? That is up to you. Will you save the city, let it burn or rule it? That is again up to you.

So… This is a work in progress (even the title) but it already has quite a bit of content, and most of the systems that will be implemented. Just remember, when you encounter a bug, look at it. Think about how cute it is. Then help me make it disappear: report it to me so that I can have a face to face with it. And keep having fun.

What to expect?

Bugs. A few. Un unfinished product that will be worked on and improved regularly. A challenge (but there is always a trick). And well, some lag because come on, it is not really meant to be played on a web browser. It is just easier for me to work on. Of course the final version will be something you will download, and that will take care of that. Oh, and expect some dark humor. And fun.

How to play?

Just click on the link. Then, there you go. You can press Enter or Space to validate, interact, or go to the next message. Press X or Escape to cancel, open the menu or leave it. You can use the arrows to move your character and Shift to run. You can also use your mouse to do most of all that, but it is not perfectly supported yet. Sorry, as I said, it is a work in progress.